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Contact Information
Mary Craig Ministries
Craighouse Christian Fellowship®
114 E. McNab Rd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060-9240
Just North of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Click for a zoomable Map to Craighouse

Phone: (954) 491-7270
[email protected]

Newslist: [email protected]

About Mary Craig

The Craig Family
The Craig Family 2014

Left to right: Lauren, Steve, Kate, Mary, Jack, Joanna, Jim
(Jim Craig went to be with the Lord on June 1, 2017)

Since 1972, when she was apprehended by Jesus Christ, Mary has ministered to people around the world with her gifts in teaching, counseling, and healing.

She holds a B.A. with honors in Humanities from Florida Atlantic University, an M.A. magna cum laude in Biblical and Theological Studies from Knox Theological Seminary, and the Doctor of Practical Ministry from Trinity Theological Seminary. An author and international speaker, Mary is a certified Biblical counselor and teacher, leader of numerous Bible studies and personally developed series.

The wife of Rev. Jim Craig and mother of two grown children, Stephen and Joanna, Mary conducts seminars and conferences, leads retreats, and serves as a missionary/evangelist to the nations in obedience to God's call to bring healing and restoration to the Body of Christ, to prepare the Bride of Christ for His appearing, and to call the nations to repentance and resurrection.

About Stephen Craig

Stephen Craig was raised in a Christian home. He received Christ in 1973. As a small child, God moved in his life by means of a Sunday School movie, "Bootsie the Lamb," and his extremely worn and mended "special puppy" which got lost. Then a minister stayed at the Craig's house and while there had long talks with Stephen about salvation; Stephen was just like Bootsie and "special puppy," lost unless found by the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, who gives His life for the sheep He loves. Then amazingly, "special puppy" was found after looking just everywhere for him. The LORD apprehended Stephen soon after and he received Christ as his Savior and Lord. God has guided and guarded him all his life.

He graduated from Westminster Academy, a K-12 Christian school in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He attended Northwestern University, IL and transferred to Stanford University, CA, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

Stephen is a Securities Trader specializing in arbitrage, having applied his knowledge from Stanford to the various markets since 1994. He is known as a person of great wisdom and as a "lover of the Word." When Stephen talks, people listen.

He plays string bass as part of Craighouse® Christian Fellowship worship and enjoys active participation in Kinetic Koinonia and the Barnabas Project ministries. His life reflects a faithfulness to Christ and what it means to suffer for doing the right thing, even if not perfectly. He learned servanthood in Jesus' Name and the value of disabled people while caring for his grandmother, bed-ridden and legally blind, for 6 ½ years, taking the 12 hour night shift 8:00 p.m.-8:00 a.m. in his twenties.

Stephen carries a burden for the churches and a vision of the Body of Christ working in unity to accomplish the commission of Christ. He has participated in many MCM World Mission trips, including those to Antarctica, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa, Angola Embassy, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, Poland, Chile, Argentina, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Brazil.

Stephen replaces Rev. Jim Craig (1942-2017) as President/Director. We welcome his new vision as Mary Craig Ministries goes forward for the glory of Christ and His Gospel by His grace and in His Name.

Rev. W. James (Jim) CraigRemembering Pastor Rev. Jim Craig, 1942-2017

The LORD took Pastor Jim home to Himself at 4:32 a.m. June 1, 2017 after a battle with metastasized cancer. Jim beat the cancer by the faith God gave him -- tests were showing little trace of it as of May 31st. In fact, a few days prior, the doctors expected improvement to the point that Jim could "come home." So we were in the process of doing all the preparations for that: talking with home health service personnel, organizing the house, etc.

But the 2nd round of chemo ... so overwhelmed his immune system more than the first round had that he could not recover. The non-functioning immune system allowed for pneumonia and sepsis infection to set in. All of his organs shut down and could not recover. Pastor Jim won the race. It was God's love and will, the only One who holds the power of life and death, to take him to Himself....

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Meet Mary Craig

"After being a homemaker and raising two children, I went back to college in my forties to finish up a degree in Humanities (art, psychology, philosophy, theatre, women’s studies, etc.) Then I was called to the gospel ministry and went to seminary to earn a Masters of Biblical Studies and Theology and then a Doctor of Practical Ministry.

I founded Mary Craig Ministries, Inc. in response to a challenge from a local pastor and the call of God in 1993. We have a Board of Directors with my husband, Rev. Jim Craig, as President and a wonderful volunteer staff...."

From "Meet Mary Craig of Mary Craig Ministries", WE Magazine, April 17, 2008

See also "Deconstructing Mary", Orlando Sentinel, March 7, 1999
Note: The article does not mention that each meeting of this type begins with over an hour and a half of in-depth Bible study. Afterwards there is ministry to the Lord and the Body of Christ as the Holy Spirit leads. These ministry times can appear to be pretty eccentric. Reading Exodus, Ezekiel, Joel (and other OT prophets), John 3, 14-16, the book of Acts, 1 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Revelation and other passages, it can be seen that Jesus Christ, God the Son, poured out the Holy Spirit from the Father (Acts 2). The Holy Spirit speaks to his people. He leads the worship of and ministry to God (Father and Son). He does as He wills and dispenses His gifts as he wills upon and amongst us. The bottom line is that, as the Holy Spirit directs, we learn and follow (as best we can), with His help. Study and teaching of the Word of God is the central focus of Mary Craig Ministries and Craighouse. Nothing is taught, to the best of our knowledge, nor occurs in meetings that contradicts God's Word. If/when we are shown to be in error in any way, we (hopefully) repent and change as necessary to get back in line with Him and his Word. We worship and serve a Living, Holy God.

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About Mary Craig Ministries

Mary Craig Ministries is a barrier-breaking, front line ministry called to do strategic spiritual warfare over the nations where God sends us. The anointing received breaks and destroys yokes, breaks up fallow ground, and breaks blood curses and covenants through the Blood Covenant of Jesus Christ. Nations are called to repentance and resurrection, and the harvest of souls to be saved is called in.

"In 1993, the senior minister of the church where we were members called me into his office along with my husband. He said he recognized that I had an apostolic call on my life, a call similar to what he had seen personally on Kathryn Kuhlman, whom he had known when she was in Pennsylvania. He challenged me to organize the ministry with my husband as President. MCM was the response to that challenge.

"God tells us, 'despise not small beginnings.' MCM began with few resources. Ours is a testimony of God’s faithfulness as we walk with Him, not with the spurting growth of a weed, but with the steady growth of an oak tree. With wonderful Board members over the years to guide and direct it, MCM has sent mission teams beginning in August, 1994, to 68 nations and all seven continents." (From
Respond to the Call of God, Mary's testimony and the story of MCM.)

MCM is a non-profit evangelistic-missionary organization. Contact us for ministry at your church or church group in South Florida. We minister and preach the gospel of repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, as the Lord directs...


The Threefold Purpose of MCM

w To bring healing and restoration to the Body of Christ
w To prepare the Bride of Christ for His appearing
w To call the nations to repentance and resurrection

Our Mission

To implore the broken, wounded, and lost of a fallen world
to receive restoration and healing in the atonement of Jesus Christ,

that His own might terminate their hostility toward God
and become what God has declared them to be
through the transforming power of God's Word and the Holy Spirit
with love, compassion and grace

Mary Craig Ministries
by God's Grace

to lift up the exalted Lord Jesus Christ
(John 12:32)
as the lamb worthy of praise and worship
(Revelation 5:8-12)

to proclaim the kingdom of God
(Matthew 28:18-20)
determining not to know anything except Jesus Christ
and Him crucified
(1 Corinthians 2:1-5)

to bring good news as ambassadors of Christ
in the ministry of reconciliation
(John 13:35; 2 Corinthians 5:18-20)

to bring healing, restoration and cleansing to the nations,
especially to the Body of Christ
(Luke 4:18-19)

to call the nations to repentance and resurrection
(Psalm 2, Psalm 96, Matthew 25:31-46; Revelation 20-21)

to prepare the Bride of Christ for His imminent return
(Ephesians 5:25-27; Romans 8:29)


to equip the saints to serve
the King of kings and Lord of lords in worship and war
(Romans 12:1-2; 1 Timothy 1:18)

More About Mary Craig Ministries

Mary Craig Ministries is led by a board of directors which is accountable to the members of MCM. The board and members of Mary Craig Ministries represent a variety of evangelical churches and denominations. They meet regularly to seek God's direction and conclude major ministry decisions....

Worldwide Missions and Ministry Photos
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MCM Photo Albums

More about MCM

How MCM is structured and supported

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About Craighouse®

"People bringing people to help and hope in Jesus"Craighouse photo

CraighouseCraighouse® Christian Fellowship is a Christian community refuge for those seeking help and hope in Jesus Christ. Craighouse exists to offer refuge, times of refreshing, and restoration to the spiritually orphaned and wounded of the Christian community in an atmosphere of grace. Craighouse is a commission and outreach of Mary Craig Ministries.

Craighouse aspires to minister the resurrection power of Jesus Christ through worship, witness, the Word, and the Holy Spirit to those God brings to its doors.

Craighouse purposes to present the truth of Christ in a paradigm for living by the Word and by the Holy Spirit.

The name "Craig" is an ancient Scottish name originally given to the peoples who dwelt among the highland rock clefts and crags of Scotland. Craighouse is an appropriate name for a place of spiritual refuge. Scriptures speak of the importance of "crags" for those seeking refuge.

"The conies (rock badges) are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks..." Prov. 30:26

"She (the eagle) dwells and abides on the rock, upon the crag of the rock, and the strong place" Job 39:28

See Craighouse: Wait for the Vision for the story of Craighouse.

See the Craighouse Events Calendar for details and a map to Craighouse!

People like Craighouse because it’s not “big box” and not “mainline.” It’ s “hands on” ministry; people know your name. People care about you and pray for you.
Why People Like Craighouse

Craighouse®: Christ-Serving Refuge
Scriptural Basis

Deuteronomy 33:27 "The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and He shall thrust out the enemy from before you..."

Ruth 2:12: "...the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you are come to trust."

II Samuel 22:2,3 "The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; the God of my rock, in Him will I trust: He is my sheild, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my savior..."

Psalm 9:9 "The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a reguge in times of trouble."

Psalm 31:2,3 " You my strong rock, for an house of defence to save. For You are my rock and my fortress; therefore for Your name's sake lead me, and guide me."

Psalm 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

Psalm 62:2,6 "He only is my rock and my salvation, He is my defence..."

Psalm 71:3,7 "...You are my rock and my fortress... You are my strong refuge."

Psalm 91:2,4 "I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust. He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings shall you trust: His truth shall be your shield and bicker."

Psalm 94:22 "But the Lord is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge."

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About the MCM Website

The major thrust and purpose of the MCM website is to preach the saving message of Jesus Christ, the cross, and resurrection with deliverance and healing in Him, and to provide quality, doctrinally sound Bible teaching and ministry as the Holy Spirit leads.

See also...

A World Missions Update and the role of MCM

Barnabas Project for the latest news on our Barnabas outreach to the poor and needy of South Florida.

More about Mary Craig Ministries and how you can support us.

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"People bringing people to help and hope in Jesus"

Craighouse® is located in the Pompano Plaza on the SE corner of S. Cypress Rd. (NE 18th Ave.) and McNab Rd. (SE 15th St.). McNab runs East and West parallel to and south of Atlantic Blvd., and north of NE 62ND St. (Cypress Creek Rd. East).

Map to Craighouse
Click for a zoomable Map to Craighouse

Craighouse® Christian Fellowship
An outreach of Mary Craig Ministries
114 E. Mc Nab Road
(In the
Pompano Plaza next to the ProAm Dance Studio)
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
(954) 491-7270

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