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Covenant: God's Way of Relationship Series

“I will be your God and you will be My people” expresses the heart of the Living God in relationship. God’s covenant binds Him to us and us to Him. Understanding the binding character of the covenant, the signs and seals, the granting of gifts, the offering of sacrifice, the fellowship of a meal, and the necessity of the bond in blood satisfies the yearning of our hearts to rest in the love of God our Creator and Redeemer.
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A covenant is a bond in blood sovereignly administered. A covenant is characterized by a bond, a binding oath, signs and seals, cutting, a bond in blood, life and death, provisions, and in the case of God’s divine covenants, it is unilateral. God’s multiple bonds with His people unite into a single relationship. Details may vary, but the covenants of God are one. By structure and by theme, God’s covenants are one.

Each successive covenant builds on the previous relationship, continuing the basic emphasis already established. In the progression of the covenant of grace we can find a unity in historical experience as God deals with His people.

The framework of covenant is “I will be Your God and you will be My people.” God is with us.
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To understand Covenant is to understand God’s Way of Relationship. In Part Three of the teaching sermons dealing with the Covenant of Creation, we examine the role of obedience. Perfect, personal, perpetual obedience is the required response to God as Creator by virtue of the Creator/creature relationship alone. Adam was unique. He was given a test consisting of one negative ordering: don’t eat the forbidden fruit!
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By the word of His mouth God created all that is. He declared it good. He created humanity, male and female, in His own likeness and image. He established a unique relationship between Himself and what He created. He also spoke to man and determined man's role and responsibilities. He also established unilaterally and sovereignly a life-and-death bond
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Would Adam willingly choose obedience for the sake of obedience alone? Would he believe the wisdom of God as to what is good and what is evil? Would he pass a specific test such that for himself and his posterity he would merit LIFE?

Radical obedience provides the key to blessing under the covenant of creation. But Adam rejected the Wisdom of God and obeyed another word. That plunged humanity into the estate of sin and misery. Find out more and Romans 5 will make a lot more sense.

Teaching Series on Covenant
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Dear Friends,

The message attached is next in our series, “Covenant: God’s Way of Relationship.” We are moving along in Genesis and have come to “
Noah: The Covenant of Preservation.” Since Jesus spoke of the time of His coming again in judgment relative to “the days of Noah,” this message helps us, I believe, better understand the mind and heart of God, that in His wrath He remembers mercy.

I hope this message will spark interest in Noah as a person and also in God who initiates the covenants unilaterally as a bond in blood sovereignly administered. This is Part One of the Covenant of Preservation.

With what we are seeing in the news or living out firsthand, Noah can “teach us a thing or two.” He lived in the midst of evil, yet he found grace in the eyes of the LORD. He remained faithful and held to the positive and let the wisdom of the Word of God inform his decisions, including what God said as He judged the earth and its inhabitants. He obeyed God when it seemed really ridiculous, since it had never rained yet on the earth and He was told to build an ark exactly to God’s specifications. He believed in something, the Living God, the Creator, someone greater than himself. He trusted the Source and Supplier of all Life and Blessing and found comfort in the Words God gave him and in his relationship with the LORD. God demonstrated His faithfulness.

God’s assignment for Noah gave him a mission, a purpose, and meaning. He would be responsible for building that ark, believing that the surely coming judgment of God would mean destruction to masses of people and animals and creeping things and birds, but he and his family would, by God’s grace, be spared, along with selected animals and creeping things and birds. His mission involved caring for himself, for his own family, and for God’s good creation according as God said. Noah kept a positive attitude and stayed strong in the grace of God by the preservation power of God. People likely mocked, scorned, and laughed, but Noah kept his focus with whole-hearted obedience to the LORD.

We persevere because God preserves. Be encouraged and recognize that as we support one another through prayer and words of wisdom, encouragement, and comfort, we are supported in the process.

Grace is not deserved and cannot be earned. It is the gift of God, and not of works. Noah wasn’t perfect; he fell short as have we all. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. God declared Noah righteous. God spared a remnant in His loving-kindness and mercy, and hit, as it were, the “restart” button. Find out more…and be blessed.

Mary Craig, D. Min

Abram: The Covenant of Promise Part 1 7/5/20

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