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All is About Jerusalem


Remember, all that is going on is about Jerusalem. The nations are now being divided. Watch the valley of Jehoshaphat. Are they not even now being separated? Who is on the LORD's side? Who calls on My name? He who sits in the heavens laughs. They have plotted a vain thing. The kings of the earth, they will feel My grief, they will know My pain. To touch My Anointed is to touch Me. To reproach My Anointed is to reproach Me.

Wail and mourn for the woes that are coming on the earth. There is no place to hide. Now it begins. Even now, it is started. They will cry for the rocks to fall on them. You will labor and travail. You will weep and you will mourn. You will know the pain of My love. Repent, for even now the wine press of My wrath is ready. I am ready for war. Are you? They call on Me who they do not know. They worship a god of their own making. Even now their fists are in My face. The blood is crying. The blood of the martyrs. They will drink to the dregs. The whole of creation groans. Animals are crying out everywhere. Will I turn a deaf ear? Is My ear deaf that I cannot hear? I am the Holy One in your midst. Watch -- the alarm has been sounded. Pray for Jerusalem.

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