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Ash and Europe

Word received April 16, 2010
Dr. Mary Craig

My people rise up to fight the judgment they voted in. They operate in the natural realm to fight a spiritual battle. They approach a National Day of Prayer, yet where are their hearts today--before Me?

No one likes correction, but I seek humility in My people. I look for those who love My appearing, for those who seek
My face. (Hebrews 12, 2 Timothy 4.8, James 4, 2 Chronicles 7.14)

Many pray amiss, boasting of harvests. How shall I visit your nation? And in the Day of Visitation, who will stand? For judgment begins with the household of God; and My people perish for lack of knowledge.
(1 Peter 2.11, 12; 4.17, Hosea 4.6)

Ash spreads across the globe. It is coming out of fire and ice. The fire of My zeal burns within Me. My heart churns within Me. Ash--

My people rail against the instrument of judgment when they should be covering themselves with sack cloths and ashes. Since they will not repent and cry over their sin, I will cover them with ash, the ashes coming out of My fiery zeal.

Do they turn from their wicked ways? Do they cry out for Me to turn their hearts to righteousness, to life, to Jesus?
(2 Chronicles 7.14, Jeremiah 31.18, Lamentations 5.21)

One. Consider the power of One. One God. One true God. One truth. One Word. One life. One Creator. One Redeemer. His Name is Ointment Poured Forth. His Name is One.

And then consider when One shows up, shines forth in the brightness of His glory.

How is it that My people are surprised should that wicked appear and have his day? For so it is. My people must learn how to overcome, to live in the day of trials, in the day of troubles, in the day of suffering.
(2 Thessalonians 2; Revelation 2, 3; James 1, 1 Peter)

Rest in Me. Come to Me and find rest for your souls. Take My yoke upon you.
(Matthew 11.28-30)

But drunk with the wine of her (Queen of Heaven) fornication they are, seeking another wisdom and straying from Christ, the Wisdom of God. They seek what is earthy, sensual, and demonic.
(James 3, Revelation 17.2, 1 Corinthians 1.24)

I have warned. Have I not told you? Take heed to My Word and hold to the truth and grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
(2 Peter 3.17, 18)

Rest in Me. Abide in Me. Draw your life from Me.
(John 15, John 5.39, 40)

Europe. Let them repent in dust and ashes. The earth belches at My command, spewing out ash to cover them in ash. Would that they rise from the ash heap. I can shut them down. Do they not fear Me?

Out of Egypt have I called My Son, out of a dry and dusty place. And I call Europe to come out of Egypt, out of Babylon, and repent and turn from their unbelief and doubt and enter that place of rest that awaits the sons of God.
(Hosea 11; Hebrews 4)

For you will see Europe rise out of the ash heap with new hope and new vision, with insight and revelation by the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.

Europe, I call you to arise and shine for the light breaks into your darkness to shine forth. You will lead the world out of its bondage, out of what endangers life now. You will see it and cry out against the spirit of Apollyon. You will come to your senses. Awaken. And Christ will shine on you. And you will bring light to the world.

Amen, says the Spirit. Amen, says the Faithful and True Witness.

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