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Attach to Me

Mary Craig
Craighouse 11/9/12

Weep and wail for the woes coming upon the earth. For these are but the birth pangs. If I am God where is My honor? Nation upon nation turns away from Me. They think I do not see. They think there will be no accounting.

I came unto My own, and My own did not receive Me. I poured out My life for those given to Me by My Father. I was despised and rejected by men, numbered with the transgressors.

But now I sit enthroned and I am coming again in great glory and power.

Who among you are deceived? Who abandons truth, swallowing lies, living a lie, walking in pride and arrogance?

The LORD reigns, He who sits in the heavens laughs.

Do not be deceived, My people, for great / deep darkness is coming over your nation. Your nation voted for it. Your legislators legislate immorality, working through the law for evil, to sanction what is evil in the eyes of the Lord.

You have before you not just a "fiscal cliff" but the precipice before a moral abyss. People plunge into perversion and every vile thing, into the abominable.

Am I your life? Then attach to Me; be part in Me. When I appear, you will see Me as I am.

Be strong, little flock. Be faithful to the end. Hold fast to what is good. Do not lose heart. Depart from evil.

The days of affliction are numbered. I AM.

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