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Be in Me

January 27, 2006

I will do a work in your midst that though you see it, you will not believe it. But you must believe to see it, for I desire to do this work -- and I will lose no energy in doing this work nor will I lose sleep nor will I be diminished in any way. For you must come to understand that I AM He who is. I AM eternal I AM. I am a never-ending source of life and blessing. I am a never-ending Source, and when I work, lose no energy nor am I diminished in capacity so as to need to rest or sleep or be rejuvenated or re-created. I AM He who lives. The fountain of life.

And I pour My life into you that you might in Me live and move and have your being. Be in Me and you will do as I did, for I am in the Father and did that which I saw the Father doing.

See the connection between being and doing.

You are in Me and I am in you to will and to do My good pleasure. What gives Me pleasure? Find out what pleases the Lord and you will discover those things I am willing to do.

You settle for far less than I desire to give you. And yes, it all comes as a gift from My love and grace for I graciously give of Myself to you that you might bless My creation and be vessels of glory covering the earth with My glory.

Take heart, for I know you and come to you in power and great glory. I love you and carry you into my presence to hold you close to Me and keep you by My power.

I have numbered your days, so do not fear, neither worry, for you cannot do other than that which I have ordained for your life.

So -- rejoice in Me your Creator / Redeemer, and do not waste your days or your hours. Worship Me in the midst of your troubles, for in this I give you My peace and overcome the world.

In Me you have peace, as you lose yourself in Me, in My Presence, I find you and you find life -- My life.

You will live forever, so why not live now? Choose life.

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