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Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

Received by Marcia Murray
March 28, 2009

I am the Lord God in your midst who takes away your shame. I have drawn the battle line, people flocking in one direction or another. Those on the Lord's side live. Those not, prepare for judgment. My Kingdom is coming in power. No one knows what level, what degree, what force! No eye has seen, yet you will see a flood of force.

Choose this day whom you will serve. Call out to the East, South, West and North, "Come to the table of the Lord, for a feast is being prepared." You are to rise and reign, but in humility, My humility. Your nation, My land, will one day lie desolate. But that day is not yet.

They seek to devour, they seek to destroy. But woe to those who
eat up my people. Those who are led astray, pray for them to be brought back to Me.

Restore!" "Rebuild." "Renew." Many have come in My name. They seek profit, wages, control, power. What do you seek? Seek the Lord!

Yes, be afraid, be very afraid - because My people act the harlot - play the harlot - they are what they act like - You may not. Seek Me.

Woe and Lament, bring Me My words. "
Lamentations" (The book).

Is. 60, Is 12, Is 14, Is 20, Deut 14, Ezek. 14, Ezek. 44, Jn 3, Jn 17, Rev. 3

Pray for the peace of God, for My Light to be restored - released to the Redeemed of the Lord that I might build a Temple of Praise to My Son the King. He has a name written on Him that no one knows. Some will receive this name - Come away, come apart.

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