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Dividing of the Nations


O watchman, O watchman, behold, I am setting kingdom [against kingdom]; the kingdoms of this world to the right and to the left, as the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of My Christ, My Son. O watchman, they gather together, but not by Me. To plot, to conspire. This is the great compromise. Now it begins. Now it starts. The judgment of the nations. My Son, My Son. They are judged for the treatment of My Son. Watch Jerusalem. Watch the Wall. The viles, the bowls, the judgment begins. My pain, My pain. For the time of the Gentiles draws to a close. Come in My people. Come in My people. For soon the gate will close, and another will open. Come now, you who say, "The Lord tarries, there is yet time." But there is no time. The trumpets of war are sounding the alarm. It is a time of war. The battle lines are drawn. I am the LORD.

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