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Do You Not See?

November 3, 2006

What! Oh watchman on the wall. Do you not see heaven opened and the angels of God descending and ascending on the Son of Man? Do you not see that as you honor Me with the tithe and the offering that I open heaven and pour out upon you such a blessing that it cannot be contained?

I am the Breaker, the Master of Breakthroughs, the One who Breaks open, and I am coming to your house to break into the darkness with the light of My presence. Though you see Me not, I AM there. Jehovah Shammah. Though you feel Me not, I AM in the midst of you, in the secret place, exulting over you with joy. Though you hear Me not, I AM in your mind and in your heart, guiding you with My mind and My heart.

Yet you have tasted and seen that I AM good. I AM the Lord and you will know Me by the fragrance of My Glory.

I AM and there is no other. Persevere, for I AM coming soon and every eye will see My glory. Do not despair, but be filled with My Spirit, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.

The devils cackle, but also tremble, for they know their time is short. You will be with Me for all eternity. Prepare your heart and be still, for I AM the Breaker and I break forth as the sun in the dawn. I AM the Morning Star rising out of the darkness until My light shines as the NOON DAY.

Rejoice in Me!

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