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Do You See? Will You Look to Me?

July 21, 2006

Do you see their hearts' desire against My city Jerusalem? Do you see, O watchman on the wall, what they plot on their beds in the night seasons? Do you see that even now the cloak of righteousness is falling and with the dismantling of this cloak, their lawlessness will be revealed and the motives of their evil hearts will be exposed?

O My people, My people, prepare for war. For even now the kings of the earth stand ready to gather together as one to fight against My holy hill, to slay the Creator and take His place. Psalm 2

Yet they follow the Plan for I AM Creator and Redeemer and I will redeem My people. Behold I am coming with clouds and I will restore all things to Myself and I will usher forth a new heavens and a new earth. I am He who formed you in the womb and I will bring you into the glory of My presence.

Do not fear in the days ahead for the Day of Destruction comes as a thief in the night only to those who are not prepared. But as you look for My appearing and receive the love of the truth, I will guide you with My eye and keep you with the power of My love for you.

O My people, will you look to Me, all the ends of the earth in these days? Will you search the scriptures and see they point to Me or will you look at the circumstances? Will you walk in faith now? Will I find faith on the earth as the heavens shake and everything that can be shaken will be shaken?

Go to the ant, you sluggards [Prov. 6:6-9], and do not sit idly in these days. Study to show yourselves approved that the Day will not come upon you unexpectedly.

Behold My glory, for I AM glorious and when I appear you will see Me as I am and you will become what you behold.

Prepare for glory.

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