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How Can I Give You Up Ephraim?

November 4, 2005

How can I give you up Ephraim? Does not My heart churn within Me? I formed you in the womb and called you out of darkness. I cradled you in My arms and held you close to My heart. I cried with you and rejoiced with you. I carried you across seas and land. I love you. And today I remember My Covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob, and I remember the Land.

You are Mine, Israel, and I call you by name. You have wandered to other gods to commit fornication and adultery to mock Me and spite Me and strike at My heart. You release venom and poison as you pervert My laws and ways. You do all things to show you despise Me and put no value on My covenant, yet I AM Jehovah who hears and who loves, for no evil dwells with Me.

And why do you despise Me? You hear and see My wonderful works and the witness of Me goes out from My presence across all My creation. You see goodness and mercy and truth. You do not come to the light because your deeds are evil. You do not see My love for you, that I have provided Myself a sacrifice that I might pardon your sin and remember your iniquity no more.

Nevertheless, I am coming to you Israel and I will judge you with justice. I will raise the standard and stand you against the Ensign and I will look upon you, for the eyes of the Lord are upon Jerusalem.

Though the mountains fall on you, I will not hear your cries. I will turn against My enemies and I will destroy, as I am Jehovah Makkeh [Jehovah who strikes]. I will smite, yet you do not repent.

Nevertheless, I come for Mine, My remnant, the elect. These I will preserve in the Day of My wrath. These I will carry to My bosom and I will be their God and they will be My people, for I will have a people to Myself, and I will be a Father and you will be My Son. And I will put in Mine the Spirit of Sonship that these might praise Me and carry My glory to cover the earth.

The ransom is paid. The remnant released. The rest is here. My soul is at peace, yet they are for war. I arise Myself to put My enemies from Me that I might remain in peace. I still the storm. I calm the troubled waters. I am the eternal Majesty and great is My peace.

Do not fear little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. And what is it I give you? Me.

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