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How Have You Known Me?


I, the LORD, am in the midst of your life, in the midst of your day, in the midst of your nights, in the midst. I was, I will be, I am in your midst, a sure hope and foundation. I am He who was and is and will be.

In what ways do you know Me? Father, Brother, Master, Lord, Friend... In what ways have you experienced Me in relationship? Do you know Me as the Lover of your soul? What ways? In the future how will you know me? I am your Good Shepherd. Do you know Me as your Good Shepherd? How have you experienced Me in your relationship? Have you known Me as your Savior, Lord, Master, King? Think about Me. How have you known Me? Be honest. How have you not known Me? You know Me as the Strength of Israel. Give some thought to this. Can you say, "I know my Redeemer lives?" Do you know Me as Redeemer, as the keeper of your soul, who keeps you together? When you read about Me in the Word, and you do not know Me in that way, cry out to Me to be that way and for you. Protector, Provider. For I am the LORD in your midst.

There's more as you live in relationship to Me. Do you know Me? To be co-heir with Me? Do we walk side by side, with you behind, with you in front? For I am calling out My righteous Ones. I am calling them forth out of the graves of destruction. I am loosing from them the bindings of death. I am doing such a work on this earth. If you do not know that I am the Resurrection and the Life, you will not see it. If you do not see it, you will not be at the banquet table.

I am the LORD in the midst of thee. I make crooked places straight, a highway of holiness for My righteous ones to walk with Me. For My righteous ones are hid in the crags. Like conies in the rock, sheltered in the rock, they will see the destruction of the wicked. Because they have died, their life is hid with Christ in God. Death will pass them by, for these are they who have been baptized into the death of Christ and rise into newness of life. Let the Water of Life flow. Let the life of God shine. Let the fire of His holiness consume. For I the LORD hate robbery in the burnt offerings.

Perversion. Do all men lie? Nevertheless, I am true. Be on guard. Be not deceived. For perversion pervades like the virus in the air. It strikes starting small, until it pervades. Come to the blood. The antidote. What is the cure for the common cold? It goes, it spreads, then your immune system gains the victory, and it's over. I am your immune system. I will prevail. To rid you of perversion. Then walk in truth, and keep your immune system strong. Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

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