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I am Coming for a Holy Bride

Oct 1, 2004

The earth groans. All creation groans, waiting for the appearing of the sons of God. And what are My children doing? They run to and fro, here and there, and not to Me.

My people are an offense to Me. I love them. I have poured out My heart to them. I have called them to relationship with Me and yet they are not satisfied. They do not desire Me. Yet I desire My people. My heart yearns for them. My heart churns within Me, for I have plans. I have purposes.

Surely My plans and My purposes will prevail. But where is the one who will stand in the gap to bring heaven to earth? Who takes up My plan? Who will stand against the plagues?

I am He who lives and I am coming with clouds. Who looks to Me? Are not My people as in the days of Noah? Is not violence covering the earth? They marry and are given in marriage. Life goes on and no one / who is the one who cares that I came? I came!

And I am coming for a holy Bride. I am coming in power and great glory. Is it nothing to you? Who desires the crown to be given to those who love My appearing?

I AM. They hated Me without a cause. And My people turn away from Me because the great deception is being released on the earth and only the lovers of truth will escape. I AM truth. Yet who is the one who loves Me? Who confesses Me before men? Who?

Hot. Cold. They are neither hot nor cold. I spew them out of My mouth just like the volcano coughs out lava and sends ash everywhere. Ashes. I call My people to repent. I warn them of the wrath and of the days to come yet they sleep. They have sleep in their eyes that blinds them to Me, to My purpose, to My plans. They go their own way for straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life.

The door of grace will shut and then I will stand at the door and knock to see who will open the door to Me to desire fellowship with Me. I have come to bring life in union with Me -- communion, yet they slight Me. They throw me tokens of affection. They throw Me leftovers.

If I am Father and God where is My honor? Where is the first fruits?

I have given you dominion and through you I will accomplish My purposes on earth. I created you in My image to rule and reign, to tend My garden. Yet there is One who is the express image who is Man who fulfilled My heart's desire and now, now I look for the Bride. I search for the Bride who will rule and reign with the Christ.

Judgment on the thrones of darkness has begun -- the thrones of iniquity. I will reveal what is in men's hearts and men's hearts will fail them for fear. I am He who searches the hearts.

Search for My heart for therein you will find My heart for you. I love you and desire to bless. I am God who is gracious and longsuffering, full of mercy and truth. My heart is pure and good and holy. Come apart to find My heart for I would that you be holy as I am holy.

I love you. Is it enough for you?

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