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I am Coming to You Mozambique

January 20, 2006

Oh, Mozambique, ravished and pillaged even by My own people, for centuries you have lain in poverty, the seeds sown years ago by your idolatry, man-slaying, and spilling of innocent blood.

I am coming to you, Mozambique, and when I do I will with the fire of My love for you, for I AM FLAME OF YAH, and I am a consuming fire coming to deliver you and purge you from dead works to serve Me the living God.

I have My people in Mozambique, and I am separating them to Myself a holy Bride preparing them for My coming. I am coming to you in great power and glory. I am answering the prayers of saints to deliver you from your poverty. I have shut up the heavens over you, but now I will open the heavens. I have stricken you with a famine of My Word, but now I will pour forth My Word in abundance. I have blinded eyes and shut ears and turned hearts that they may not see or hear and turn that they might be saved, but now I will open hearts, turn hearts, open eyes, and open ears to My gospel of grace in Jesus Christ.

I am He who rules over the nations, and I am separating the nations to the right and the left and I will judge them in the Valley of Decision according to My Word Matthew 25 and I will try the reins and test the heart of the sons of men and I will judge according to justice but showing mercy to thousands of those who love Me and keep My commandments.

Awake, O Sleeper, and rise from the dead that Jesus Christ may shine on you. Rise, shine that My light may chase the darkness. I am the Father of Lights and in Me there is no darkness. As I come to you, Mozambique, I carry the light as I am the true light. I am Truth and Justice, Righteousness and Life.

Come to Me all who hunger and thirst for Me. Come to the waters and live for I am the living waters. As I am poured forth I will fill you with the water of the Word. I will wash you and cleanse you. I will set you apart and sanctify you.

But I will also sprinkle upon you the Blood of My Covenant and I will cleanse your land of bloodguilt and I will break your poverty and your lack for I will come.

Receive Me as I come and live, breathe, and move in Me. Receive Me, for as many as receive Me these are My children and I give them power to become the sons of God.

It is the time of Tabernacles, the time of fullness and to those who will receive Me, I am fullness. For of My fullness you have all received and grace for grace. John 1.16 As you receive Me you receive My fullness.

This is the time of Tabernacles. Fullness, mature sons emerging to cover the earth with My glory, abiding/dwelling in the Holiest, worshipping Me, entering My joy and knowing the pleasures at My right hand.

This is the time of Tabernacles where we come into common union, unity of heart, mind, purpose, will. John 17

Receive me. Repent. Turn, lest you perish.

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