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I am coming to you, Guatemala

October 13,2017
Received by Dr. Mary Craig

I AM coming to you, Guatemala, and though you m2ay not recognize My servants, and though you may not recognize My Presence, and though you may not recognize the day of your visitation,

I AM coming to you, Guatemala, and I will sift and I will sort, and I will separate, and I will sanctify MINE. For even those I call Mine are compromising, complacent, corrupt-wandering from the path.

For they ae not as Joseph, an Israelite in Egypt. They are not as Daniel in Babylon. For Mine, even Mine drink of the wine of the queen of heaven. Their glasses are rosy; they look through rose-colored glasses. They are deceived. How many must die?

I AM coming to you, Guatemala. Repent and believe, repent or perish. You are small in stature but high minded in pride. I am humble in spirit, meek and lowly, but mighty in stature. I AM the One Who raises the valleys and lowers the mountains. I AM the Great Equalizer. And you that are so busy, busy, busy; busy feeding the poor, building, building, building structures. Yet My people starve because of the famine of the Word of God, for the corruption of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the shaky foundation that is taught to a people steeped in myth, superstition, ignorance. Yet so many with a child-like [faith] trust in what they hear. And what do they hear?

I AM coming to you, Guatemala. I will walk the streets. I will walk the cobblestone path. I will examine the mountains and the valleys, the earthquakes and the volcanoes. I will look at what I have created and I will see and I will judge.

Boasting, such great boasting. You boast before the Living God? You boast before Jesus Christ who humbled Himself in obedience, even to the death on the Cross? Are you foolish and slow to believe?

I will search your hearts. Weep and wail, (heavy) weep and wail. (heavy) I do this in love. You do not know My love, because you don't know what kind of love it is, but you will experience it.

For I the LORD change not. I AM THAT I AM

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