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I Am Coming to You, Jerusalem

Fri. 5/25/12

Israel, My glory, how can I give you up? Ephraim, how can I give you up?

Behold, the Strength of Israel comes. Behold, I am doing a wondrous deed/work, one at which men will marvel, and say "Who is like God, our God?"

War is in the air, but open your spiritual eyes, O watchman on the wall, for am I not the Commander of the Hosts, Lord Sabaoth, Jehovah Nisse, Jehovah Gibbor, the Spirit of Glory and of God?

I am coming to you, Jerusalem, and I am walking your streets, entering your /every dwelling. I am the Light which lights every man, and I am shinning into every dark place. There is no place where anyone can hide from Me, no one who can outrun Me.

I am coming and I will know.

Devastation sits at your doorstep. Those who worship the beast are not those whose names are in the Lamb's Book of Life. Rev 13

Who are those who are "kept"? Who keeps them? For I tell you only those whom I keep will be safe for safety and ease are to be found only in Me.

Repent, you proud. Repent you stiff-necked and rebellious ones. Repent or perish

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