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I am Gathering Israel


. . . I am gathering them in. Watch as I gather them in, watchman. Watch and pray. Get ready. Be ready, for My glory comes. You shall see it, though you may not believe it, lean and strain to see - Romans 9-11 - for I am coming. I am gathering all Israel of every tribe and every nation. You are a watchman. Watch the walls of Jerusalem. Weep and wail for the sins of my people.

I am building my temple. It is the third temple. My temple, My people, My Israel.

You oh watchman are Israel. You will say to Israel, "Open your eyes oh Israel." Say, "Oh Israel, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." Do not weep for Me oh daughter of Jerusalem. I am He who lives and died and rose and lives forevermore. I am coming to dwell in my bride, my temple. I am the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I lead My people into battle and I prevail. From Dan to Beersheba, I am the Lord. I am coming to judge the nations. Did they curse you oh Israel or bless you, oh Israel? If they did to the least of my brethren then they did it to Me.

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