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I am the Excellent Glory


I am the Excellent Glory in your midst. I AM He who formed you in the womb and you are Mine. I was there. I have never left you nor forsaken you. I have chastened you sore as a son because I have set My love upon you.

See now what I will do, O watchman on the wall. For soon the heavens will shake and everything that can be shaken will be shaken. And when I sift and sort and separate, who will be on the Lord's side? Who will choose Me, to serve Me, to worship Me? For I will reveal what is in man's heart and I will shut up all in sin that My Son will shine as the Righteous and True, the Righteous Branch, the One who bears the fruit of righteousness in the Kingdom of God.

What do you see, O watchman on the wall? Do you see My people in the camp (Ex 33), and do you see those who will go outside the camp to seek Me and ask and find Me in the tent of meeting? For I will separate unto Myself a people to intercede for the Body of Christ, a people who will seek Me, the Excellent Glory and I will bless them with Myself for I will reveal Myself to them.

Come to the living waters and be refreshed. Come and eat of the Bread of Life. Come and join Me in fellowship. Dine with Me at My table.

Who will join Me at My table? Who desires Me, to sit at table with Me? I will find them and draw them to Myself and I will bring them unto the fullness of My glory, My glorious presence, and they will find rest.

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