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I am the Holy One of Israel in Your Midst
and Word for Mozambique

December 15, 2005

(As received by Dr. Mary Craig)

I am the Holy One of Israel in your midst. I am He who formed you in the womb and you are Mine. I have sent you around the world to call the nations and the continents to repentance and you have finished that task. I have sent you to the nations and the continents to call them to resurrection and you are doing that work.

Now the sons of glory are emerging from their hiding places and they will be My instruments to cover the earth with My glory. These I have prepared and am preparing to carry My glory. They are My servants and I have sanctified them and they have known My crucifixion and My resurrection.

I am calling you to overcome. Stand fast and overcome for as Satan is put under your feet so also He is under My feet. He is under My feet and He will be under your feet as you overcome in Me, in My Name.

I am Holy and I sanctify you to carry My glory to the ends of the earth. You have gone to the cradle of civilization and to the foundation of the earth. Now I send you to the poor to proclaim that I who am rich became poor that My own might become rich in Me, in My Name. You will proclaim Me GLORIOUS and glorious to behold. Wednesday to Thursday or Thursday to Wednesday you will leave for Mozambique. I will lead you with My eye and guide your every step. You will break the blood curse and proclaim Me the covenant, breaking all lesser covenants. Psalm 30, 43, 44, 50, 61. You will say to Mozambique:

Hear what the Sovereign Lord says:

I have you in My eye and I have seen your oppression and your oppressors. Now hear Me in this for I will raise up the Ensign, the Standard of My Word against your oppressors and I will fight for you and I will prevail to triumph over he who comes to kill, murder, steal, and destroy. For I have many people in your land and in your place. They are Mine and I will keep covenant with them. I will come and heal them. And as they cry out for Me, I will heal their land.

But these people must share with one another even in their poverty. To break their poverty, they must give out of their lack that I may bless their substance that they see that in Me they lack nothing for I AM the possessor of heaven and earth and I AM their exceeding great reward and their Shield.

As I withdraw My presence I will see how hearts are really changed to know what is the heart of My people. Nevertheless, to those who cry unto Me as babies cry in their utter dependence upon their mothers to live, I will come and supply as El Shaddai [God with many breasts]. I am the faithful God and I will come to My own who cry in humble dependence upon Me. Those who truly seek Me will find Me and I will come to them when they call for I am always present, just not always in your awareness. Love the truth for I AM truth.

Many will move wildly in gifts and giftings in the days ahead. You have seen and are now aware to look for the fruit of My Spirit-character. You do well to ask--where is the grace, love, joy, self-control, etc. In these you see Me and if I am truly in union with a person, I will shine through them even in their soulish state. Behind their souls you will see My spirit. More than what they do is who they are in Me and if they are in Me they will do My works as led by Me.

I am coming for a holy Bride, separated and sanctified, cleansed and pure. Prepare the Bride for I am ready to receive her.

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