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I am the Holy One of Israel
I will judge and I will spare


I am the Holy One of Israel in your midst. I am He who lives forevermore. I am He who raises the dead and who causes the thunder to be heard with peels heard around the globe. And I am about to roar with a roar that will be heard across the Middle East. I am thundering and My Voice will be heard and not silenced.

They cry to Me and I have turned away from the deaf ear, but now I will open deaf ears and blind eyes and they will both hear and see what I am about to do.

For I tell you the time of the Gentiles comes to a close [Luke 21:10-28, Rom 11:22-32] and I whose Name is jealous will fulfill jealousy in those of Abraham. Rom 11. And they will see the One they pierced [Zech 12, Acts 2] and scriptures will cause them to tremble, e.g. one man to die for the nation [Jn 11:50-53]; e.g. his blood be on us and our descendants [Mat 27:22-26]; e.g. Acts 13:13-50

And many of the Jews and those appointed to life will come by the droves, their eyes opened and their ears. And I will turn their hearts that they might be healed. And not they only but all who are Mine as the Father has given inheritance.

Behold, the war comes and do not fear but rejoice. Know the seasons. Prepare for war. Watch and be ready. Stand faithful now and overcome.

Know that evil lurks to take over your nation but Mine have truth in the inner parts. Do not be deceived but remember all that I have given you to know in My Word. Depend in and trust in Me as never before. Know that in every circumstance you walk in the sure mercies of David and that My mercy will not be taken from you. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will not cut you off. [Is 55, Heb 13:5,6]

I will spare. Where the king is there is His throne. And where is the King? Glorify Me. I will spare.

Call unto Me in a time when I may be found. Seek Me early, Know Me, My ways, My thoughts. My Word stands sure. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken for the sins of your nation rise as a stench in My nostrils and many cry to Me for the fire of My holiness to burn and to judge, to sift and to sort, to refine, to come as the fiery witness of the Holy One.

After the fire, the waters of refreshing. And after the waters, the oil of joy. And after the oil, the wind of My Spirit will blow across the land, breathing out life.

Glorify Me for I am the Glorious One. I will spare those who hide in Me as I come in judgment to your nation.

The people cry for change but fail to discern what kind of change. They are blind and being led by the blind. They are led as brute beasts to slaughter. They rebel at the yoke of law, at righteousness. They seek licentiousness, lawlessness, freedom from the Law that they may consume whatever they desire in their lust. They lack restraint and hate me.

Plead. Plead. I will shorten the days.

The earth vomits out what is corrupt. The heavens shake because of the evil rising from the earth. Violence. Corruption. The earth groans. Rev 16 My creation has no desire to live out of harmony with all I AM. Man fails in his mandate. But My Servant fails not.

I will prevail. Watch Me.

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