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I am the Living Word in Your Midst

September 30, 2005

I am the Living Word in your midst. I come to you in power and great glory. Seek Me and live. How will you know Me? My words are spirit and they are life. My Name is Word of God. I take the mind of the Father, His will, and carry it to you in Word that My Spirit may breathe into that Word and make it so. My Spirit takes what is Mine, My Word, and reveals it to you.

As you take My Word into you, you are sanctified. My Word is truth and sanctifies you. Love the truth. Love the Word. And remember, I and the Father are one.

You are blessed as you do My Word because it is living and active and sharper than a two-edged sword. With it I subdue kings and kingdoms. My Word out of your mouth overcomes My enemies.

I am entering an assault of correction, a chastening and cleansing of My people-those who have turned and need to return to Me. I am going after My people, My children, to bring them to Myself. I will come with strong and swift correction because the time is short.

Say to My people - Return to Me. Come into Me, the hiding place, for the winepress of the wrath of the Lamb is ready and My people are to escape peril only as they hide in Me now. I have told you to flee Babylon, to have no fellowship with demons, to be not complacent, compromising, corrupt, shutting Me to the closet of your lives.

My glory will cover the earth. I am corning with clouds and every eye will see Me. You will declare the decree which has been from the beginning that it may take place on the earth according to all My good pleasure. Do not fear for the days which are corning. I may conceal from many the Word of grace. I may hide that many will have to seek Me, but then I will again reveal the Word of grace that My remnant will be saved.

I will not spare nor will My eye be hid from sin but I will root out, I will cut out, I will cleanse, I will cut and root out and dig out and dig away that My Branch, the Righteous One, may shine in the darkness and all shall see My glory revealed in the Word of grace.

Say now, "The Lord reigns." I come to take the earth for it is Mine and I will enter in the holy gates as the Glorious One. I will prevail over every enemy now. See Me in every circumstance, every "act of God." Watch Me as I fulfill every prophecy -- all will go according to the Scripture not according to the mind of man nor the mouth of the false prophet.

Hear Me now in this hour for it is an hour of power -- My power. My sons stand ready. They are everywhere across the globe. They are positioned, in their place, with authority and the crown of kingship. These obey Me, My Word, and are ready to do My bidding.

Listen. Hear. Feel Me. Put your nose to the wind and smell My scent. Taste and see Me. I will be a tangible Presence in your midst to encourage you, to empower, to enlarge your tents, to prepare you for the great and terrible Day of the Lord which has already begun and now is. I will consummate the covenant. I will come for My Bride, My people, My own. Keep your lamps burning and watch for My appearing. The time is short.

The devil would devour you, but it is not to him your eye should turn, nor your thoughts, but to Me -- for who is your life and where does it come from?

I am the Lord, gracious and holy to tell My servants what will be. I will guide you with My eye and with My voice. I will set you before Me. Do not fear but enter Me, perfect love, and rest in Me, for resurrection is now. And beyond that is ascension and glory.
Come to and reason with Me. See where you go, and come where I am, where you are and will be and have been.

Keep the faith.

I am the glory in your midst. Did I die for you only, for Americans only, for only one ethnic group? Call My people to return to Me for the day shortens and the night comes when no one can work. I am the Daystar, the Morningstar, the Star of Jacob. I am the Light shining in the darkness and the people who sit in darkness will see the greatness of My light. John 3

Pray to Me everything that John wrote by My Voice in his ear for I AM He of whom John wrote and knew and loved.

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