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I Gather All Israel

Feb. 11, 2011

And so shall I gather all Israel. And I will gather my people from the North, the South, the East and the West. And no more, will they walk contrary to me as I have walked contrary to them. No more will they hide in their lies. For I will turn them. And they will face the Spirit of Truth. And they will face truth; Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Truth. And those who will seek the wisdom of God and repent of their earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom, they will ask of me and I will not upbraid them. And I will heal them of their double soul. Their soul, that runs to this god and runs to that god. That runs and hides form the Living God. They have hidden from me at the mountain. What did they think? Did I not redeem them from Egypt? Am I not a delivering God? Did I not give them my Law? Did I not reveal Myself to them? This people? That I chose, and called them "My glory"? But they are a rebellious and obstinate people. Nevertheless I am God, the faithful God. And I remember the Covenant, Abraham. And I remember the Covenant, Isaac. And I remember the Covenant, Jacob. And I will remember the Land.

Be whole [shalom]. For in you, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I place The Peace. And you will carry the Peace to my people. The people of the promise. The children of the Covenant. For have I said, and shall I not do it? Am I a man that I should lie? But where is my glory? And who shall go for me, and whom shall I send? For I am high and lifted up. I AM and there is no other.

. . .

They mock what they do not know. They scorn that of which they are ignorant. I will gather my people. And though they are faithless, I remain faithful.

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