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I Have Made You Strong -- You Will Go to Ethiopia

Received for Steve November 24, 2006

I have made you strong, very strong, that you may stand before kings and princes in My name. Do not fear for I am with you. Isaiah 41.10 I am your fortress, your high tower. I have spent years preparing you for the great battle. In you I have placed My anointing. It is your power, your place, your position.

Do not let your eye pity or spare what I have not pitied or spared, for you will go to Ethiopia and by the anointing I have placed in you, you will bring Ethiopia from its foundations in Cush to a new foundation in grace. They will see you as an angel because the light of My countenance rests upon you.

Prepare well. Ethiopia is full of religion, dark powers, wickedness in high places. They built the tower of Babel and the fist is still in My face. The nation is under a curse for their idolatry. They grew weak, and now they lay in poverty. Their great pride has brought them to ruin, but I am coming to you, Ethiopia to set you on a new foundation and to make Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone and the capstone, for I am the Stone that the builders of Ethiopia rejected and even today they resist Me.

Do not be fooled. They are a spiritual people and they know you are coming, and they know I am coming. Do not fear. I will hide you in the Tabernacle of My Glory and the Cherub of Tabernacles will be your protector.

Before you go you will know the voice of this Cherub and you will discern its voice from that other cherub Lucifer, who fell. You will not be fooled. You may sit even in a corner and only those close to Me will recognize the anointed in their midst.

It is you who will declare My scripture to the congregation and as you do, the earth will tremble and the heavens will shake and Lucy will be dethroned.

I was not in the earthquake. I was not in the wind, but in the still small voice. By the prophetic voice I brought down My enemies. For it is not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord.

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