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I Rebuild the Tabernacle of David

July 18, 2003

And now look O watchman on the wall. Watch as I rebuild the tabernacle of David, as I make of My people, My Body, a temple not made with hands. Watch for the glory of this temple to burst forth, shining out into the darkness of night.

For it is the night of the Day of the Lord, and I am shining out as the light in the temple of My people in the New Jerusalem in My holy hill, Zion. I am glorious, and I glorify Mine, all in whom I dwell.

Run to the waters and drink, and I will fill your souls and refresh your spirits. I am the Lord, the Holy One in your midst, and I am doing a new work in you, My people, but I am not bringing a new word, for I have spoken and I also will do it. Now it is time. Now it springs forth. Those who have eyes will see it and rejoice. I will manifest Myself to those who even now look for My appearing.

I am coming in the clouds. Watch and be ready, but even now a new song comes forth for the new work I am doing in My people. Those who overcome will prevail in these night hours of the Day of the Lord.

Prepare. Prepare for judgment to begin with the house of God, for Mine are hardly saved, but so as by fire. I come to prepare a holy bride by the Spirit of burning and the Spirit of judgment, that I might deliver My people from death.

I know what is dead and what is alive. Let Me judge, for I do right and do not judge by appearance as you do. Let the dead die. That which is born of God will never die, but live as I live.

I am glorious, GLORIOUS! Do you not see My redemption and your redemption drawing nigh? Who is like Me in My glory? I am Ruler over the kings of the earth, and to Me every knee will bow. I am the LORD and I am He who strengthens, and I will establish it. Even so, I come.

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