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I Shake the Nations

March. 11, 2011

Look O watchman on the wall for they not only defile Jerusalem but now they go out to defile what is Mine wherever it its found in Israel. Ancient sites, ancient strongholds -- this hatred, this envy goes back to ancient times.

Declare Me the
Ancient of Days for I am coming to Israel in a visitation unprecedented and I will sweep through Israel with a roar, a roaring wind that will be heard around the world.

These attempts are futile. I sit in the heavens and laugh. Psalm 2, Isaiah 40

Declare Me
Rose of Sharon. I am He who makes flowers bloom in the deserts. Do they think this is a god of some man-made religion? Look and laugh as do I.

The anointing for Israel comes upon you and you will walk in the power of My Spirit. Though you weary, I never slumber or sleep. I keep watch as the
Faithful God. You will declare Me FAITHFUL and TRUE. EL ROI. [God who sees]

I see it. I am thundering now and the lightening strikes will increase as I
Jehovah Makkeh strike the nations.

Declare Me
Consuming Fire and watch as I shake all that can be shaken - and we will see who stands and who falls -- as I shake the nations. I bring down the proud heart and exalt the lowly. I the Lord examine the hearts of kings and kingdoms and who thwarts what I do? A drop in the bucket they are.

I will be glorified in all the earth and those who have eyes will see it. Narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it.

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