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I Weep for the Woes that Are Coming
I am Moved with Compassion

Shall I not uphold the honor of My Son?
I will strike the false shepherds and teachers.
I will sift and sort.
I will send forth My harvesters.
I am preparing for slaughter.
I will hold back the waters for My people to cross the Jordan.
I will calm the storm. I will prevail over every foe

I cry for the tears of My people. I weep for the woes that are coming upon the earth. I am moved with compassion, and My bowels churn within Me.

Do I not see the corruption, how man has corrupted himself? Do I not see Cain slaying his brother again and again, that spirit of hatred rising up to murder and assault? How can I continue to wait when the cries of a thousand generations come to My ears saying, "Where is my God?" and "How long, O Lord before You fulfill Your covenant and your Word?" The blood of the prophets cries out. The blood of the martyrs cries out. The blood of animals slain in service to satan cries out. The blood of the innocents cries out.

Shall I not avenge My elect? Shall I not uphold the honor of My Son? Should I not come with vengeance and the sword to do everything in My power to rid the earth of corruption and evil, lies and perversion?

How long do I forbear? How long do I suffer the paltriness of the putrid? How must I endure the stench of sin seeking to penetrate My nostrils, desiring to enter My courts and pollute My presence?

I shall not, I will not delay. I will strike the shepherds, the false shepherds, the false teachers, I will sift and sort as the women sorting the barley harvest. I will throw them up in the air, and the wind of My Spirit will blow the chaff away. I will say to one, "You are Mine," and to another, "I never knew you." I will send forth My harvesters unto the field, My holy ones, who know Me, [who know] My mark. They will harvest the souls. They will cover the earth with My glory. And all will know I am the LORD of hosts, El Elyon.

The kings of the earth plot and conspire. I am still laughing in the heavens. I have given to My Son the nations for His inheritance. They will kiss the Son and do homage, lest they perish in their ways.

I am preparing for slaughter, the slaughter of My enemies. Many will die, for broad is the way that leads to destruction. Do not pray to stay My hand. Do not raise your hands to stop My Spirit, for I have seen and do see what is in men's hearts, what evil they devise upon their beds, how they cannot rest until the violence within is satisfied, though it is never satisfied. Their greed and blood lust is never satisfied. They are open graves, sink holes of satan, never filled, always proud and licking their lips while planning to eat again soon. Their god is a bottomless belly.

But I am filled to the brim. I will not regard their iniquity. I have no place for their sin. It separates them from Me, from who they are, from what I am. Had they desired to know Me, to search for Me until they found Me, they would perceive I am not as they, and they would repent.

But repentance is not their desire nor their appointed end. For it will come about as the scriptures declare, and every word of the prophets in My declared Word I will uphold.

Blessed are you who seek Me, My face. My face shines upon you, and My countenance lifts you up. It is as different as night and day, dark and light. I am the Father of lights without shadow or turning. They are those for whom deep darkness waits.

I will hold back the waters for My people to cross the Jordan. I will remember the 12 stones at Gilgal. I will let the barley harvest come in, the wheat harvest for threshing. The women will sift. The wind will blow. And you will see the glory of the Lord raise up and make low.

Blow the trumpet of My appearing. Sound the alarm of war, for My hosts are ready for the battle. As in heaven, so on earth, and as you sound on earth it shall have been sounded in heaven.

Do not fear, for I am with you. I uphold you in battle. Glorify Me and praise Me. Let Judah lead. I am in the midst of you to preserve you. I have many coming in now. It is their time of deliverance. It is My time to deliver.

Pray. Come together in unity. I hear cacophony in the air waves. Cut the noise. Crash through the discord. Bring resolution to the discordant chords. All is in a frenzy, clanging cymbals, brass clashing out of tune. But like a descant, I hear a sound coming from the mountains where I am worshipped. I hear the clear crisp melody of My Spirit singing the song of the sealed. I hear the songs that will bring deliverance to My people. I will calm the storm. I will prevail over every foe. The scepter is Mine. The rod is Mine. The throne is Mine. The elect are Mine. The earth is Mine. I am the Lord. And I alone save.

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