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I Will Arise

Sept. 29, 2001

My heart is grieved. My heart is grieved. What else will man think up to do? How he corrupts himself. He brings the judgment to himself. Have I not told them? Have I not warned them? Is this because I have pleasure in what is happening, and the evil that is occurring? No. It is the consequence of their corruption. Of their evil. The evil of their hearts. The evil of their minds. They spend their time plotting evil on their beds. They dream about it. They think about it. They plot and they plan evil. Is this My word? Do they speak of Me? No. They claim to know Me, but they do not know Me.

Even the animals cry out to me. Their blood cries out to Me from the earth. Their blood is crying out because of the evil. The blood of the animals cries. The blood of children cries. The blood of women cries out to Me. Death. Death. Death. Many call to Me to arise. And I will arise. I am rising right now. I have seen what they do. I know of their plots. What they conspire. And My people have prayed, "Do not grant the desires of the wicked. Do not promote their evil devices, lest they be exalted." They will not be exalted. I am moving, slowly, quietly, surely. They do not see Me, for they do not know Me. Nations are being divided out now. Who is on the LORD's side? Come over here. Soon. I will strike soon. I am Jehovah Makaye, the Covenant Lord who strikes.

Pray for grace, for mercy, for light. Before I am finished, they will be praying that the caves fall on them, and the rocks fall on them. But do not be puffed up in pride, as if your hand did this. When I strike, do not glorify yourselves, for is it not My name that is dishonored here? Do I not contend for My glory? For the name of my Son whom they mock? Whom they deny? Yes, it is for My glory, for My name. For My name's sake I do it. So do not be puffed up in pride when I strike, lest you also perish. Pray for repentance. For death comes to every one of you. And some are resurrected in the resurrection of the just. And others are resurrected also. In the resurrection of the unjust. They are marked. The sifting and the sorting is almost done. Prepare your hearts now. Be careful what you pray. I am the Lord. Remember the Lord thy God.

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