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I Will Not Stay Silent

May 10, 2013

[A Holy Spirit led prayer:]

Do not keep silence, O Lord, for violence covers the earth. Let the Name of Jesus Christ resound throughout the creation, from the highest heavens to the lowest depths. Do not leave us to our devices, for murder lies within us and evil bends our hearts to it.

[Godís response:]

How can I stay silent, for do I not see? Do I not hear? I will not stay silent forever. I will roar over the nations. I will blow across them, the Breath of the Almighty. I will send, and who will stop/thwart Me? I will proclaim and who will shut My Voice?

Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for Me, for I will not stay silent forever.

I give room for repentance. I cry to return unto Me. I warn. I admonish. I exhort. The heavens declare My glory; the work of My hands declare My handiwork.

Those created in My image have marred that image. Creation waits and groans in the process.

I have sent Him who is the express image of My glory; and who seeks Him, My Son, the Son of My love?

I will not stay silent forever. I will come to you and no one will stay My hand, stop My heart, or shut Me off from My determined will; what I have determined to do.

Praise Me. Let the high praises of God be in your mouth and in your heart.

Let the watchmen give voice. Let the gospel be preached to all creation.

I am coming. Let My people know. And when I show up, I shine forth, shoot down My enemies. I strengthen your faith.

Be not dismayed; for though you do not see Me, I am near. Though you do not hear My Voice; I am speaking into your circumstance. I know you and love you. I do you good all the days of your life. No good thing do I withhold from you.

You who have tested Me in the tithe have proven Me. You who have offered to Me in good measure have seen My word as true.

Mine are being persecuted. The Blood of the Martyrs, these who have borne Me witness unto the death, their Blood cries out before Me.

This will be a War of Blood, a bloody war. As fear of death strikes and smites the hearts of men and menís hearts fail them for fear, they will strike Mine in their hatred of Truth, Love, My Son.

My people perish for lack of knowledge; but I have all knowledge. Who seeks Me? Who asks of Me wisdom for these days?

Come to the waters and live. Perfect love casts out fear. That love is in Me. Let it be also in you. And then rejoice. Move out in power. Prevail, as I give you the neck of your enemies. My love never fails.

Closing words and scriptures:

I am not a God who stays silent
Ps 50
Do not stay silent, you who are watchmen, you who are messengers, you who praise me.
Is 62:6,7; Acts 5:27-42; Ps 30:1-5; Is 50; Is 53:7,8
My Servant [Jesus] opens to me his ear, though before his accusers he remains silent. Use wisdom in your speaking. Ask; I am God only wise.

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