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Indictment on America

June 18th, 2010

O Watchman on the Wall, do you not see how I am releasing judgment on Babylon, the Great Whore, the Queen of Heaven?

For the kingdoms of the world will become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ. I bring nations down and raise others.

I indict America for its pride for you, America, have taken your freedom and your liberties for granted. You have presumed you could do as you pleased in the lusts of your hearts, to run after your pleasures, to defy Me and My laws and ways. You laugh thinking there is no accounting before Me. You mock My Word, you destroy and war in wars that are not wars. You put personal ambition ahead of the glory of Christ.

Woe to you, shepherds, for you preach a watery gospel to profit your own pockets. You flaunt and flatter. You flounder in proclaiming truth, thinking unity and community more important. Yet even the kingdom of darkness has unity and community; yet where is truth in the place of darkness, the place of the lie.

I am moving in judgment and will you sleep? Sleep on even as destruction rolls through your streets. Or will you learn from the deliverance of Israel from Egypt? Where is the Passover Lamb that the spirit of death pass over?

Look, oh peoples, and repent of your sins for they mount up to heaven and the stench of them smells as the stench of the oil which you have greedily desired over the oil of My Spirit.

And what shall atone for your sin and the iniquity of your hearts? What can you do? Will firing a leader do it? Will social justice be sufficient to it?

I say, No. But there is only One who can make atonement. Yet you blaspheme His Name. You mock His words. You laugh at His people. And I do not see?

I say, Look and live, Look to Jesus Christ, the One whom you have scorned and offended, and live. He alone is your hope, He alone averts My wrath.

Your wound festers and grows worse. Beware lest it become incurable. Repent and return to the Lord. Turn from your wicked ways.

My people know the Way of Righteousness, yet what will they?

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