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Inside the Veil, Outside the camp
Man, My Law and Israel

Word received June 20, 2008
Mary Craig

To live within the Veil is to live outside the camp. Deep pain comes to the soul as the veil is rent. Brokenness, stillness, cherubim guarding the Holiest. The soul comes to the end of itself. The more it fights in pride the more it is crushed. The salt preserves and gives flavor to the fragrance produced in the mixing of the incense sweet to the Father.

It is a soul dead to sin and alive to righteousness. It is a soul dead to self, selfishness, self-preservation, self-assertion. It is a soul dead to lies, deceit, to the dictates of the flesh and the devil. It is a soul over which Satan has no rule, dominion, authority, say.

It is the end of separation from all that separates from Me a holy God. The spirit [human] joins to My Spirit in salvation and here the soul in surrender to Me is infused with My Life to live surely. With life flowing to the soul the body lives until all is life and no death remains.

Come to the waters and drink. Come to the Mercy Seat secure in the Father's love. See in the Ark the treasure that is the Law. See the treasure of the Manna and the Rod that buds. The Law is life because the Law is love.

As you come to Me in the Holy of Holies you receive the revelation of the Law to see that the Law is spiritual and good and you come to love and delight and desire to look in My Law for therein you see Me, the highest expression of My soul.

Discern clean from unclean, holy from unholy, pure from defiled, good from evil, truth from lie, life from death.

Man resists My Law because he seeks his own. Love seeks not its own.
What is the punishment to man? Is it not the hiding of the Law? With the hiding of the Law, man goes after his own to do whatever he thinks is right. When God hides behind the Veil, He keeps the Ark of the Testament hidden for why should He give pearls to swine? Psalm 119, Psalm 23, Psalm 19

Go from Me froward mouth of the perverse man for you pervert justice and take what is holy to give to the dogs. You despise correction. You hate righteousness, the straight path. Crooked the heart; crooked, the path. Are My ways not right? It is you, a crooked man, whose ways are perverse.

For I the Lord love justice and I hate robbery in the burnt offering.

To return to the Lord is to return to the Law with a heart wholly devoted to love. I died to give Mine the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Grace, that Mine would keep My Law from a heart of flesh healed, turned, changed. Jeremiah 31

O Israel, Israel, I gave you above all peoples My Law, the Torah, that you might see Me and live. Above all peoples, I revealed to you the excellencies of My Law. David was a man after My own heart, but you corrupted yourself and were cast into the wilderness and into exile. Over and over I pleaded with you. I sent you prophets. I sent My Son. And you would not. You corrupted My Law and turned it to your own profit, to a religion of rituals devoid of life.

And even now is not My gospel perverted into a gospel of gain?

I am coming to you, Israel, and as My servants cross the soil I am calling in My inheritance for the Land is Mine. Leviticus 25.23; Leviticus 26

You must die to what is not clean, what is death and leading to death, that you might enter into life, the living and the place of the living.

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