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Israel, America, the Day of the Lord
Who is Your God America?

Fri. 3/29/10

Broaden your horizons O watchman on the wall. Look to America, for the rift between Israel and America grows larger. For the truth of America's leadership will come out, will be exposed. I the Lord God of Israel will expose the darkness. He mocks Armageddon. He mocks the land where My feet walked. Watch O watchman on the wall, for secret things are happening in secret places. But I will expose the secret, for do I not speak to my prophets to show them?

Do not fear O watchman on the wall. For the Day of the Lord comes. In brightness, in shining glory. Evil has its day. But the time is short. I am He who lives, who was dead and is alive and lives forevermore. I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. I am the Faithful Witness, First-born from the dead. I am the Lion of Judah. I am the Son of God. Look to the winepress O watchman on the wall. Watch for the grapes of wrath. It is not a man with whom he deals. He would wish that he deals only with a man. But he deals with the living God. And O isn't he puffed up in his pride? They say he has a chip on his shoulder. It is more than a chip. And it's not on his shoulder. It's in his heart. Wake up America. For the destroyer is at the door of your house. And I came to destroy the works of darkness.

Repent, America. But if you sleep, if you sleep in your lethargy and lie to yourselves, it will not go well with you. "Oh, a loving God, a loving God." You say, "A loving God would never, would never...." Who is your God America? The nations are to me a drop in the bucket. I raise up one and bring another down. Wake up America. For unless you repent, do not think you cannot perish. Turn now O watchman to the wall, and watch America. Even as you watch Israel. And pray O watchman on the wall that in wrath I remember mercy.

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