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Israel My Glory

May 13, 2005

All day long I have reached out My hands and My heart to a stiff necked and rebellious people. I have called them to repent. I have taken them to Me in covenant, yet they persist in their rebellious ways and will not turn that I might heal them.

How long do I put up with them? How long do I hear their complaints, the cries of their lusts, their greed, their pride, their iniquities. I tell you, their iniquities will be their downfall, unless they come to Me with a proper offering, a proper sacrifice.

And what is that? Is it not Messiah, My anointed whom I have sent?

Turn to Me all ends of the earth and I will heal. I will save. Why will you die O house of Israel? Is it not your time to come to Me? Have I not opened the door that you might enter the Holy of Holies?

My presence is not in a temple made with hands. For it is you I seek to be My dwelling place. Come to Me, all ends of the earth and the earth will be filled with My glory.

Now it begins. Now it starts. For as the waters cover the earth, so shall My glory be. I love you Israel -- My glory. And I am coming soon to call you to Myself. So shall all go according to the Scriptures, for I shall come for you as I said. And your stony hearts will be changed.

I love you, Israel -- My glory.

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