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It is Not Yet Your Time

August 11, 2006

To the sons of God for whom the creation waits for their manifestation: Behold, the temptation comes to you as to Jesus. Luke 4. Even now you are hidden. It is not yet your time. Remain in humility and do not yield to the temptation to display who you are apart from the way that I have ordered and ordained for you. Philippians 2

You are destined for dominion over the works of My hand but you are not yet in fullness. Do not be tempted to step out, for you do so in your own flesh. Do not be deceived. For Lucifer appeals to your spiritual pride and to the lusts of your eyes and flesh. Rightly divide the Scriptures and follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

I am bringing many sons to glory, and I will be their God and they shall be My son, but Christ the firstfruits and then those that are His. As He was tempted in the areas of power, position, destiny, dominion, etc. so shall you be. Follow Christ and you will prevail and overcome.

Many are deceived and led by their flesh, not walking in the Spirit. They seek their destiny apart from the Way, apart from the obedience even unto death, the death of the Cross.

Jesus yielded Himself to the will of the Father. He revealed the Father, not in usurping the Fatherís place, but by His oneness, obeying the Father in all things. As you yield to obey in all things, as you humble yourselves, as in seeking to serve instead of being served, as you lose yourselves and your own lives, you will be exalted in due time.

Overcome, for Satanís time is short.

Just as Jesus was tempted to misuse power, position, and the promises of God; so also are we. As Creator/Redeemer, Jesus had to wait for the proper time, walk according to His Fatherís will, work according to His Fatherís business, and worship and serve His Father in order to glorify the Father in all things. Jesus was tempted to seek another source other than the Father for His life, satisfaction, and destiny, and so are we today. But if we do, if we misuse spiritual authority for personal ambition, we will not come out as full little butterflies all gloriously transformed! I have written more on this in the September Message of the Month, which will be mailed out shortly and which will also be available on our web site [Desperate Times, Deceit, and the Day of the Lord].

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