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Jerusalem, My Jerusalem, how My heart aches for you


Jerusalem, My Jerusalem, how My heart aches for you, cries for you, intercedes for you now. Oh, the bloodshed in your streets. The blood cries out to Me for justice and I have heard the cry. I am the Lord, the strength of Israel, Jehovah Makkeh, the God of Recompense.

Return unto Me, and I will return unto you. Repent of your idolatries and your disbelief, your unbelief, 2 Kings 17. Repent, for I am coming to you in judgment to deliver you.

Watch now what I will do, for every prophecy of God is true. My Word is true and will not return unto Me void. I will fulfill all My Word.

Watch Jerusalem as I come to you in power and great glory. You are My city, My holy hill, though counterfeits reside there, Ezekiel 7-11.

Do not follow the news. Follow My Word. You will see things happen that will cause you to think My Word fails and will not come to pass as written, but take heart, and take hope, for I AM the Lord, and I prevail. I am the constant of history, the One who controls history.

Remember My own, and love them. I AM the Lord.

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