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Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Surrounded by Her Enemies

April. 15, 2011

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, surrounded by her enemies. Look, for do I not see? Jerusalem surrounded by her enemies - perversion, uncleanness, sodomy, defilement, idolatry, adultery on every high hill. Filth, garbage dump, covetousness, greed, blasphemy, lies, false piety, snakes, polluted rivers and streams of water, death, pus, pollution, stench, impurities.

How can I dwell with these stubborn and rebellious people who blaspheme My Name, My Son, My truth?

Who are the chosen? Who are the children of Abraham? They mock My glory, My grace. They do err and they move in witchcraft in some counterfeit authority. Are they all Israel who say they are Israel?

My heart churns within Me. I would strike. I am Jehovah Makkeh. My kindness is spurned.

I am offended. I am a holy God. Are they Holy Spirit? Are they Jehovah? What is in their hearts, these who presume to know how exactly I will perform My Word?

Watch out, for have I not answered such and brought leanness of soul?

Follow after truth. Follow the Lamb wherever He goes. In the last days - deceivers, deception, those who lead astray.

Stay on the
straight path. Do not lean on your own understanding. Prov. 3:5,6

I am coming to you, Israel, and I will walk the ancient paths and I will war with ancient strongholds, and I will prevail.

And I am coming to those who call themselves "the church." And I will judge with righteous judgment. I look on the heart.

Seek Me and live. I will restore sight to the blind and make crooked places straight for those who love the truth at all costs.

Behold, I am coming quickly and every eye will see Me. To some, I will be known as I know.

Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. The days grow dark but I will come shining, shooting down My enemies, and I will indeed strengthen your faith.

I AM the Living Spirit and I am with you to prevail. I am He who gives men in exchange for your life. I AM
Jehovah and your Mighty Hero Who Saves.

Do not fear for what I will show you but know that I AM GOD, the FAITHFUL and TRUE.

You will yet praise Me who is the health of your countenance.

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