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Joseph is Rising

November 26, 2010

Joseph is rising. Every prophetic word will surely come to pass. I uphold the words of My prophets.

I am the LORD and holy is My Name. I am roaring over Asia. I tell you, Repent or perish, for the time is short. The battle lines are drawn and the armies of heaven stand at ready.

But there is a life that comes to the persecuted as they rejoice in being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. There is a life; for the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.

Those who see the Tree and receive the life that comes out of death will find eternal life.

Jesus died on the Tree. The Cross was of a dead tree. And like a seed planted in the earth, Jesus was planted in a tomb, to overcome the power of the grave, death, hell. And He rises. He is bearing fruit, and He is coming in a visitation unprecedented.

Prepare for His coming, for I tell you many will not be prepared. They go here and there, here and there, oblivious to the Words which I have spoken. For have I not warned? Have I not said? Who is he/she who hears My words and believes? Who is preparing for The Coming One who has come and who is coming again? Who keeps their lamps with fresh oil? Who keeps their eyes open and their ears open and their hearts open to Me?

See now Joseph rising. Joseph is a fruitful bough. The anointing of Joseph comes upon those who, like Joseph, were able to remain an Israelite in Egypt, on those who have been rejected by family, on those who have suffered in “the grave,” on those who have known slavery in Egypt, on those who have held their eyes upon Me and on those who have listened to Me to heed what I say. All want the position of Joseph; but few are willing to follow the path of Joseph that leads to that position.

I will put “Joseph” in your midst and will you heed his words? Will you recognize him? Will you see that I have given to him a strategy to preserve life? Laws are and will be enacted that will be and are designed for evil. Psalm 94 But what was meant for evil, the anointing of Joseph will be upon some of Mine to preserve life through it all.

I the LORD will do this thing. The scepter came through Judah, but Joseph is the fruitful bough. Abide in the Vine and bear much fruit as the anointing of Joseph arises. Life emerges out of what is dead and seems to have no further purpose. There is no further purpose for dead trees and boughs that are cut off and good only for the fire of burning, the fire of judgment, the judgment of the wicked. But for Mine, life will come out of death, out of that dead tree as Mine come to the Cross and live, as Mine are grafted into the Vine and become a fruitful bough. Joseph is rising and the fruit of righteousness in the KOG will come…peace, joy, and righteousness in the Holy Spirit.

Watch. Be ready. Do not neglect the assembling of yourselves together but stir one another up to love and good works. Encourage one another as you see the Day approaching. Be of good cheer. Abide in gratitude, for do I change? See Me high and lifted up, ruler over the kings of the earth. See Me glorious, sovereign, awesome, fearful.

I am coming now and looking for “fruit.” I am inspecting the boughs of My Tree. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit is cut off, but every branch in Me that is bearing fruit, though pruned, will bear more fruit. That fruit is righteousness, the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It comes as you walk in the Spirit, are led by the Spirit, and live in Me. Find your life in Me and I will give My life to you.

What shall I say? Is not My Plan written in My Word for you to be ready for Me? But prepare to meet your Maker. For I am coming in a visitation unprecedented. Is not the creation groaning? Are not the cries of innocent blood shed on the earth screaming in My ears? Do I not grieve over the stench of the abominations and evil? I give you room to repent. I give you time to turn, to turn back to Me.

But the Day is coming and the time grows short. Do you gamble with your life? Do you register the risk and think I cannot intervene at any moment into the plans you have set for your lives? I AM and there is no other Savior. I AM LORD and your destinies are in My mouth.

If you open to My heart, your own will break; but if you do not open to My heart, you will not survive the coming days. Can I not preserve you in the midst of evil? But you must heed My words, you must come to Me that you might live. I am telling you, the wrath is coming; and I am telling you, because the wrath is coming, turn, repent, hide, abide in Me.

I have given you My Son. I have taken of Mine, My Self, and given to you that you might live with Me, a holy God, your Creator. My Son suffered. My Son died. My Son made The Peace through the blood of the Cross. My Son conquered sin. My Son triumphed over death, hell, and the grave. My Son. Exalt My Son. Believe in Him and believe Him. Or I tell you truly, you will perish at the wrath of the Lamb.

What do you come out to see? A prophet? A preacher? You come to be entertained. You come to watch life. I tell you, enter into Life yourselves. Embrace The Life. Nevertheless, I know My own. These hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd and they follow Him. These follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony, and [in Christ] love not their lives unto the death. These are the children of God, the servants of God, the sons of God. I know them; and they know Me. My heart yearns within Me. My heart churns within Me.

Will you enter into My heart? Will you be carried in My heart? I know. I see.

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