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Looking for My Appearing

June 23, 2006

There is a stirring of My Spirit. It starts as a drop and becomes a ripple and then a wave. Waves of My glory are coming upon the earth -- here -- there.

And will you open your hearts to receive Me when I come? Will you stretch out your neck looking for My appearing as does My creation? Will you even now be preparing to meet Me in My glory?

Read the Book. Then read it again, for My words are spirit and they are life to you. In My Word I am revealed. Marvel at My wisdom. Believe in My wonders. Trust in My love for you.

Believe and you will see. Come to the waters of life and drink freely without cost. Soon upheavals will occur in the earth as it groans. Rev. 6-9. But you, live. Psalm 1. Live in My peace. Be a green tree.

Signs. Signs are appearing. Some will recognize them but most will not, just as there are signs in My word that many miss.

Ask of Me and I will show you great and mighty things you know not of.

The Great Whore is coming into My court for judgment and I the LORD judge with equity. I will render My judgment as I have said in the time I have prescribed.

Babylon, Babylon is fallen and will you rejoice? Or will you mourn? Will you buy from Me or will you morn for your loss and seek to continue baking cakes to the Queen of Heaven?

I am doing a great thing. Now it begins. Now it starts. And I will manifest My glory and every eye will see Me. And will I find faith in these days? And will you love one another?

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