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My City, Jerusalem. Do Not Forget Her.


Jerusalem, Jerusalem. My city, Jerusalem. Do not forget her. Hold up the prophecies before Me, that I may fulfill them in your hearing. Do not be despairing, or despairing of life. For I am alive and alive forevermore. Surely I will bring it to pass. Stand firmly, immovable. Weep for the daughters of Jerusalem, but do not weep for Me. For I am coming in great power and great glory, as the world has never seen. Watchman, hold your post. Hold fast the word, the prophecies. Bring them to Me like Daniel, that I may remember My Covenant and My Word. It is not vain, for My Word is not empty of power. Hold on, hold fast. Do not believe every word. Hold fast to what is true. I am the Truth. I am the Way. I am the Life. Hold fast.

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