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My Judgment


Is anything too hard for Me? Is any rhema word impossible for Me? What will you do if your faith starts to go dry? How will you be a green tree? [refers to Rev. 9:1-4ff. Also Ps. 1.]

Why is My judgment sent out -- that you would repent and return unto Me! You are close to destruction. Should you dance? Should you weep? Where will the power come from? What anointing will you seek? How will you overcome the Angel of the Bottomless Pit? What will you do to become green, a tree sealed?

Now it begins, now it starts. They have defiled My Name and they have defiled My courts. They have said to My own, "Who is your God?" The cries of My people have come before My throne.

They shall know that I am the Lord. I am the only God. If I speak, they live or they die. Is it not to Me to grant repentance, to grant faith? For all I do, yet they will not repent. I will send out the wake up call. They will not wake up. I will cry, "Here I am," but they will not hear. They will not come. Soon they will know the wrath of the Lamb. Even now the winepress--treading the winepress. Even so come, Lord Jesus.

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