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My people cry to Me, "How long, O Lordů"

Word received July 24, 2009
Dr. Mary Craig
Craighouse®, Pompano Beach, FL

My people cry to Me, "How long, O Lord..." And yet it is I who cry in response--How long must I tolerate My people who halt between two opinions, who are double-souled, who worship Me in one place and then fellowship with demons in another? If the LORD is God, worship Him. If Baal is god, serve him; but choose you this day whose you are and whom you serve.

For I the Lord know the hearts of My people, and their hearts are divided; their loyalties are divided. They serve two masters. They seek to please Me and to please the world; even though I have said that the one who is friend to the world is enemy to Me.

Rejoice, O heavens. Take heed O Earth. The devil has come down to you, O Earth, and as his time draws close, he wanders the earth seeking whom he may devour.

Apollyon gains strength as the people make his man king in their minds and hearts. This king of death and destruction will move forward in his deceitful ways until the people awaken and see him for what he is. The people are going into deep slumber as the spirit of slumber causes them to pull back from reading My Word, from gathering for fellowship with the saints, from partaking of the means of grace.

The people are heavy with sleepiness, drawn to the earth, to a heaviness where they cannot arise to fight the death rolling in upon them.

But I will arise from My sleep and I will roar in response to the roar of Apollyon. I will cause an Awakening in My people and wake them up from their slumber. And they will know that I am He who commands; and who sets aside My counsel?
I am the commander of the morning, and no man [is], and I am He who triumphs over death, hell, and the grave.

My people--their sin breaks My Law and in breaking My Law, they break My heart. Do you feel it in your heart? Do you feel My broken heart as you look at the sin rising as a stench in My nostrils? These people praise Me with their lips but their hearts are elsewhere. They are like children going their own way. Rebellion is bound in their hearts and only as I break their hearts as they have broken My heart will they know the agony of rejecting My love.

Have I not given them My love? My Law? I opened to them in love, giving them what is precious to Me and they have cast pearls before swine. They make common the holy and mock and scoff at the means of their own salvation, namely the Blood of My Son.

I loved them and gave them Jesus and what do they do with Him? How will they live as they grow heavy with slumber? How will they awaken from their slumber when they scoff at My Spirit, the Holy Spirit?

Who will stand in the evil day? And what words will they bring Me? For I am listening with great attentiveness, but who, who is crying out to Me in the days of darkness?

Soon the heavens will shut and how will they penetrate the brass to have their appeals reach My ears? I ask you, what are they doing? What are they doing?

I will spare a remnant, for I am He, the God who remembers covenant--and I remember the land.

Repent or perish.

While others sleep, awake O Watchman and stand in the gap before Me. They sleep unaware of their surroundings, unaware of what approaches. They sleep on. Sleep is sweet; but to the perishing, it lulls them deeper into the darkness.

I give sweet sleep to the Living, who need not fear the darkness because I AM the Lord of Life and God of Creation.

If you would overcome the darkness outside, you must look to the Light inside. I AM that Light and the ones who look to Me overcome darkness and death. These rise up, awakening into resurrection power.

I am coming soon and every eye will see Me. They will open their eyes and see Me; but for many, it will be too late. They have missed the day of their visitation. Only the wrath will remain on them.

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