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My Plans

Word received January 23, 2009
Mary Craig

Shall I tell you My plans for your nation? For then many will seek to thwart My plans; but they cannot prevail for I am the Almighty, the Mighty One of Israel. I am the Holy One of Israel, the Strength of Israel, the Light of Israel, the One who says of Israel, Israel, My glory.

Watch Me for I am planning a great deliverance such as the world has not imagined. I will glorify My Name that kings and princes slander. I will glorify My Son whom these use in pretense of faith. I will save My people with an outstretched arm.

Look! Behold! One comes bringing justice with a rod of iron and a sharp two-edged sword.

Look! Behold! He comes and a cloud rises around Him. He is coming; for surely, He is coming.

But first that man will have his day. Slaughter of the innocents. Many will die. Abortions Ė they [Godís people] do not honor Me. Malachi, Haggai.

An instrument of justice is rising for most have despised My mercy, My grace, My favor, My "hesed" [the enduring love, covenant loyalty, faithfulness, mercy, favor, and lovingkindness of God]. They have cried out for justice untempered by mercy and set in place this instrument of justice thinking that through him they will receive justice. But what they want is money, security, something for nothing. Now they are equal and will have to be as everyone else. They will be brought to maturity, no longer children tossed to and fro, no longer given special accommodation.

With this instrument of justice many will die and death and destruction will spread across the land, for where My mercy is not, there is no blessed hope.

For what is that blessed hope but the gospel of Jesus Christ? This they deny in truth, looking to princes to make them kings.

Today I decree it. Today I declare it. The War of the kings begins. The war of the worlds. The war of the Lamb Slain against the enemies of the Cross.

And how will you fight? And who will fight for you? Who is on the Lordís side? And with whom is the LORD?

Let Israel now say, His "hesed" [Ps. 118] endures forever.

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