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Pray for the Heart

April 12, 2002

Have you learned that My lamp is the Word of God, that I am not a man that I should lie or repent? You have learned that I am not moving at the command or whim of men.

Cease striving. Be still and know that I am God. Cease to do evil. Cling to what is good. Wait upon the Lord. Instead of healing, pray for the mind, the soul, the heart and spirit. Pray that the heart be circumcised. Pray that I burn the root of bitterness. For I tell you, when the heart is mine, the body will follow.

Leviathan is there. They shield demons trying to block out the wind of the Spirit. Pray for brokeness, for a contrite heart. A broken spirit I will not despise, but that thing stands defiant, shrouds the heart, cloaks the heart. It is as iron and brass around the heart.

I am the door. I will make a way through the iron and brass. This is what you are to pray. For the spirit is breached and wounded. These strongholds are against me. The body only claims its deviance against me. It's a lie rising against the truth.

Now learn the lesson of the fig tree. When you see this heart start to change, then you will pray for the body. My ways, My thoughts. Think my thoughts after me. My perspective. You are a Judah. Change your appeal.

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