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Pray for the United States of America

Aug. 19, 2011

O watchman on the wall. For I have called you to be a watchman for the United States of America. Look as I am raising up my people in politics. Pray for them. For I am forging an army. An army of my people. Who will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways? Pray that I place them in strategic places. Pray that they remain faithful. Pray against the wiles of Satan. For some will face false accusation. Others will be tempted and fall. Pray for them, for great grace. For I am building an army. A spiritual army. Pray that they walk in wisdom. That they watch their words. Pray 1 Peter. All of it. Pray that as I put them in these places that they remember the Lord their God. Pray that they carry the heart of the Holy Spirit and the mind of Christ. For I tell you the counterfeit is rising. The desire of destruction is to sweep the globe.

My people must humble themselves. They must not assume that because they are my people that they are in no danger. Remember Jeremiah. The wilderness is one thing, exile is another. The time is short. Many are busy, busy, busy. Pray that my people sit before me. That they learn to be still, quiet. Isaiah 40.

With one sentence out of my mouth a nation rises or falls. This nation is no different. This nation is falling into poverty. What brings poverty of soul? Pride. This is a proud people. And it is going before their destruction and their fall. The haughty spirit. Neither are they thankful. Eph. 5. Pray Eph 5.

And what shall I do with this people? They cry out to me and say, "O,
we are the foundation of missions. You must keep us great." Do they not know that I can raise up anyone to be missionaries? Their reasons are failing to persuade. Remember the British empire. Remember Russia. The USSR. They thought they were mighty. And now the are all broken up into several countries. Watch O watchman on the wall. My people need to remember the Lord their God.

They thirst for oil. But not the oil that represents my Spirit.

The eagle is threatened. The eagle is the symbol of your nation. Many are wounded and killed by wind mills. Watch the progress for it is prophetic. Pray the eagle verses.

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