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Prepare for Me

November 2, 2001

It is a time of clouds.
It is a time of glory.
It is a time of life-giving rain.
It is a time of fire purifying My people.

I am coming with clouds in power and great glory. Prepare for Me.

Lucifer is defeated by the true light. He is not a source of light anymore than he is a source of truth. His light is a lie. His light is darkness, a shadow compared to the noon day brightness.

The glory has no darkness. As bright white, it is full of the colors. Lucifer is less, leading to black.

He disturbs you now because you are coming into the glory realm. Once you are in it, you see how Lucifer is less, dull, dim, faint, pale, and he loses his allure. It is like gold and fakes. Once you see the real, the fake loses its luster. It no longer satisfies.

But there is a price to see and to have the real. As with gold, the glory costs. One attains to the resurrection by yielding oneself to the cross, following after Jesus.

Amber. The glory is associated with amber, fiery. Yet the glory is more-the white, hot flame.

Come, for all things are prepared. My banquet hall will be filled, but many invited will not come. You will see there many strange and wonder how they came to be there. These are the ones that have been outside the camp. Many are pariahs to the established church.

Judge with righteous judgment. Man looks on the outside, but God looks on the heart. Evil lurks but by mercy and truth iniquity is purged. Greed, fear, idolatry is purged. Mine have a singleness of heart, a purity and a simplicity.

My wisdom is from above-peaceable, righteous, as opposed to earthly, sensual, demonic. Lucifer taints man's wisdom. But you will know him as you fight and war against him.

Come. I will meet you where you are and bring/gather you to Myself.

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