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Prepare for War

Word received December 21, 2008
Marcia Murray

Repent, O sleeper, of slothfulness. Dust off the filth of your ways. Awake and put on Christ the Living God. Armor up for the Day of the Lord is at hand. A battle is taking place for the souls of men. It is about to manifest in the earth/natural.

Prepare for war.

Good versus evil—
Darkness versus light—
Satan versus truth.

My Truth prevails. My Word stands. Who will stand on the side of truth? Who will consider the price and costliness of truth? Truth yields a value. It is like money in the kingdom of God, a currency if you will. Barter in truth. Live out the Truth. The Word of God is Truth. Who will stand with the Word of God? Christ Jesus the Living Truth? The Word made flesh, who dwelt among us for a season, now with the Father, but plans on returning again?

My people perish from the lack of the love of the truth. My course for the earth is far different than the devil’s. He would speed things up, rush to his death. He loves death and plans to drag as many people into the abyss as he can; but he forgets I have a remnant who will live and not die. I preserve the earth on their behalf. My glory, My kingdom, My rule—he has nothing in Me.

For this you must seek, study, pray in My Word, eat, sleep, drink, think My Word. What does it say? About whom is it speaking? God made flesh and dwelt among men. Bow low and be humble. I will at the acceptable time lift you up. Stay humble. Your Father in heaven desires to give you the kingdom. Yield. Obey. Lean on Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He My Son brings you into the kingdom.

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