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Prepare. I am Coming.

Nov. 22, 2002

The camp fires burn. The home fires burn. The cannons give off their shots. All around is fire, but where is the fire of My Presence? Who will come to My camp fire, My home fire? Who will come to have the enemy destroyed?

I love. I love. I live, and am alive. Why do they run to death? To things leading to death?

Weep and wail for the woes that are coming to the earth., Stay alert. Wake up. Watch and pray. I am coming. It is almost. Soon, and all things are ready. Are you?

Prepare your hearts, your minds to meet your Maker. Put your ear to the wind. Listen to the rustling of angels' wings. I am coming. Can you not hear the excitement of heaven? All heaven prepares. They prepare for a great celebration, the consummation of the covenant, the marriage feast of the Lamb.

Oh Bride of Christ, be purified.

I sing songs to you in the night, love songs, songs of My love for you that I might sanctify you and bring you to glory. I love you.

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