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Prepare to Meet Me

July 15, 2003

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare to meet Me, for I am coming to you. I am revealing Myself to you. And what will you do with the revelation as I unveil Myself to you? How will you regard Me? How will you worship Me now in spirit and in truth? What doctrines must go from you -- your thoughts, your mind?

I am He who is Light and My Father is the Father of Lights, Giver of every good and perfect gift. I give gifts to men. Will you receive My gifts? And if I give you of Mine, what will you do with the gifts I give? Will you value them, or will you set them on the shelf to gather dust?

Go from here, where you are, and come to Me, to enter Me, My presence. I am in your midst, and My light burns among you. I am He who heals. I am He who discerns what is dead and what is alive. I am alive forevermore. I am the Resurrection and the Life. Let Me judge, for I do right. I am a Righteous Judge. Trust Me to judge and to fight the false, that you might be healed.

Come to the waters and drink. Come to the Bread and partake. I am He who heals.

I love you, and I am gathering you into Myself. I am bringing you into oneness with/in Me. Abide in Me, and then will you ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you. What do you want Me to do in you? What of Me do you desire? I search your hearts and minds, and know you. I know the desires of your hearts. I know what of Me you desire.

Do you desire goodness? Holiness? Mercy? Truth? Grace? I am all these things.

Change your ways. Repent. For I am coming. I am He in your midst. Prepare for Me. Rejoice as ones highly favored, for you are Mine and I am yours. Again, I say, rejoice.

Peace. Be still. The storm is in My command. You will reach the other side of the lake. Did I not say it? How else could I sleep while they appeared to perish? I AM and I know. Rest in Me. I am the Tabernacle of David. I am the Tabernacle.

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