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Preparing the Bride

Received September 17, 2004:

You watch and are ready for My appearing, but what will you be doing when I come? What will I find you doing when I come? Where is the oil for the lamps? Where are those who overcome? Where are they who worship Me? What are they doing?

For the time is short. Be on your guard, for the devil knows it. He discerns the times. The wind of the Spirit blows, and he sniffs the wind. Like the horse of death, like the pale horse of death, he puts his ear to the ground and hears the hoof beats. But My people… they are asleep while the storm clouds form. They are dancing and making merry while destruction and disaster threaten. What do they do?

For the nations are coming under judgment. I exalt one leader and bring another down. Men are like grass. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall. I AM the LORD. I change not.

I birth the Bride out of the side of the pierced Christ, and where is that Bride? Who searches for Me? Who runs through the streets crying, "Where is my Beloved?" Who says, "I am my Beloved's and His desire is for me?" Where is the fragrance in My garden?

Where are the lovers of truth? I AM He who examines the heart. Think about it. You will be examined as I was examined, for I am coming for a holy Bride. Be sober, be vigilant, for the devil would devour you. Now. Get the Word in you now.

For there is an onslaught coming and only those who are filled with the Word will stand. I have shown you the power of the hurricane. I have shown you the power of tornadoes and floods and fire. Who is the one that stands? Find out how you will escape. 1 Corinthians 10.13. My Name is Rock of Escape.

They applaud, but they do not know. Men's hearts will fail them for fear, for there is no fear of God in them. They will fall at your right and at your left. You will watch many fall, but remember, it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Purify your hearts. Purge your conscience by the Blood of the Lamb. Depart from iniquity.

For the day is coming when the weapons of your warfare must be you, what's in you, not what you take up. Your warfare must come to be Christ in you the hope of glory. Prepare for the examination of the Bride.

(This is my sense of what I am receiving from the Lord. We must study the examination of Jesus as the Lamb of God as He underwent scrutiny to qualify as the Lamb, holy, undefiled, spotless, innocent . We are to prepare for the examination. The warfare is going to change. In the past we've been able to pick up the weapons of our warfare and fight, even when we are not very sanctified internally. The onslaught that is coming is going to be so great that the ones standing will be the ones that have the Christ in them, Christ in you the hope of glory. The external warfare will be necessary but no longer sufficient. It won't cut it anymore. It must be the life sanctified.

One TV the newscasters showed a house on the beach in Florida. It was a dome house. It was designed to withstand 300 mph winds and was based on the houses built by Eskimos Traditional houses did not weather the storm. Many collapsed. It wasn't the cost of the house (millions of dollars). It was the structure of the house. Building the house on the Rock is good, but the traditional house will not weather the storm. The traditions of the past, religious traditions, won't cut it. The Church at large is going merrily along. The storm is coming.

Pay close attention to the areas of examination as Jesus was examined qualify as the Lamb of God. We are not being examined as the Lamb of God, but we are being examined to qualify as the holy Bride of Christ. We are not to take the grace of God for granted. In the past the Church fought against legalism, but now its fight will be against licentiousness. We know we "fail the test" and that Jesus Christ is the only righteous One. We know we are without hope save by the sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Jesus. We know we have no righteousness of our own and that we are justified only by faith in Christ. But grace is given that we might obey through faith working by love.

We may face tests and testings of our hearts in preparation for the examination. These tests may be in areas of economics, politics, religion, ethics and personal integrity. The examination will see what's in our hearts. The testings on the way to the examination will be the milieu for producing patience in us and character, the fruit of the Spirit. And then will come the examination of the fruit.)

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