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Pride Goes Before the Fall
I Will War Over Your Nation

Aug. 26, 2011

O watchman on the wall, Look, for he has yielded to the powers of darkness, to the kings of darkness who have formed an alliance against your nation. Leviathan has joined Apollyon along with the king of torment to bring down your nation.

Pride goes before the fall and a haughty spirit before destruction. The people are proud and are in poverty and do not know it.

I have spoken. I have warned. I have shown in symbols.

The nation needs a deliverer as in the days of Israel. Cry out for Me to send that one who is the deliverer of your nation.

The people must wake up from slumber and sloth. Many lose their desire to work. Will they be as babies? The children go hungry. Who will feed them when so many will not even raise their hand to their mouth?

Devils rejoice tonight. They are gleeful at the pride of him, at his desire for personal ambition. What will he allow to happen to your nation for his personal ambition?

I am Jehovah Makkeh and My sword is drawn. For some have declared themselves outright to be the enemy of My people. I will arise on behalf of My people.

I will war over your nation and I will turn captivity captive. Rest assured. I am God and besides Me there is no Savior.

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