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Rejected Love

Sept. 24, 2004

They run to this place or that to escape the storm. But where can they hide from Me? Ps 139. They run to and fro but where will they hide? They speak of their "safe rooms," but am I not able to go through walls, to break down walls of opposition?

There is no safe place but in Me. I am the Rock of Escape. I am the hiding place. I am the Living God who loves and who provides refuge in the storms of life. I am the Rock of Refuge.

I call you to the crag in the Rock, to the hiding place that is Me.

They worship Me but not in truth. My heart grieves that their hearts are so far from Me. I grieve and the heavens weep My tears. My heart churns within Me and the seas churn in empathy with My heart.

I am wounded by the rejected love of My people, for they reject My love, and the whirlwind expresses the turmoil of My heart. The heavens thunder and the lightning fills the skies, I am in the agony of rejected love. [Hos. 11,12]

Peace, peace they cry, but there is no peace for the wicked. It is My voice that stills the storm. It is My voice that speaks and creation responds.

If I am the Creator/Redeemer where is My praise? Where is My honor? If I am a Father of Glory, where are those who glorify Me?

You are My tabernacle and I love you and indwell you. I am your rest as you rest in Me. I am in you and you in Me. I am your habitation and you are Mine. Do you not see? We are one. I live in common unity. I am Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I live in relationship.

Now it begins. Now it starts. My angel delivers it, My judgment. But you hide in Me as I am He that is hidden in you. But My sons are appearing on the earth to cover the earth with My glory. And I am renting the veil of flesh that My glory may burst forth. My light shall shine in the darkness. My goodness shall rise and go forth in this present evil age. My justice shall break forth as waters and roll down upon the nations.

No gate can close to Me. No wall can keep Me out, yet I am longsuffering and gracious. I absorb in Myself My wrath that you be not consumed.

What will I do with My wrath? Jesus took My wrath, yet what of the wrath of the Lamb? The wrath of man and that of Satan is nothing compared to the wrath of the Lamb.

Prepare for My coming.

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